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HIST/LAS 495G/595G
Topics in Latin American History-The Making of US-Mexico Shared Cultural Heritages

Elective for LAS and HIST Majors

Spring 2019 (16 weeks) Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 1:00pm-1:50pm

Instructor: Dr. Luis Coronado Guel

The colloquium this semester will explore approaches to the shared cultural heritages historically formed between the US and Mexico, focusing on the diverse expressions of those heritages through the lens of different boundaries. We will learn about heritage as a concept, integrating perspectives from disciplines such as history, public history, cultural anthropology, law, and philosophy. We'll identify diverse expressions of popular culture shared by the US and Mexico as the central heritages. We'll also learn about diverse heritage practices including the identification, assessment, research, preservation, interpretation, and promotion of various forms of cultural heritage.